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Subject: So, like, come on...

What kind of bike should I get? Pretty much the only bike I've ever ridden (exclusive of Huffys) is my Trek, so it's all I know. You all have a vaster universe of experience, yet it seems that the advice *on-topic* has come down to this:

clinton: deafening silence, strange when you consider I am getting twice the messages from him.

tricky: deafening silence - well, I wouldn't expect him to recommend Vitus, and his other bike was a steel Trek like mine.

danimal: come on, you've been bike shopping pretty recently. Just because your mail says it has been unread since last Friday, that's no reason not to contribute.

garrick: 2.8's have wacky headsets

alan: even more deafening silence (would this constitute a dreaded "dear alan" letter?)

manny: steel is real, I would crush carbon. come on, really?

twick: deafening silence as T workaholics

So I suppose I'll have to do all the talking then. Ow, twist my arm, I have lots of other work to do, no, don't, stop.

Here then is a re-presentation of my options as I see them:

Wait: lots of practice at this one, but getting _really_ boring.

2.8: made of beer cans, wacky headset, have to build Dura-Ace model myself; but Ultegra model pretty cheap, frame&fork pretty cheap too

OCLV: "crushable"?, have to build Dura-Ace model myself, uncertain availability of bare frame⋔ but very light and non-corroding

Titanium: more flexible than steel in larger frame sizes (if available in those frame sizes), most expensive; but indestructible and cool-looking - well, I'm not seriously considering Ti because of the flex issue

Serotta: not particularly light, frame size to which I am "exactly" fitted would have the same seven inches of seat post sticking out as my Trek which would bug the hell out of me, scratch the paint and it rusts, pushing $4k for Dura-Ace model; but dealer is most eager to work with me (hmm, what do you suppose his profit is?), says they climb really well, don't flex because of the ovalized tubing, I get to pick colors and components

Other: roughly the same as "wait"

The Serotta guy is supposed to be back from his trip today, so I could go and order one of those; he says 2-3 weeks before it comes in. Probably at least that long for any other option, since they would all have to be ordered as well, and u-build-it traditionally runs into backorder delays somewhere.

Waah, what to do. Send me some mail, now. Please?