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Yesterday I drove all the way down to Provo. Practicing for those BYU-Rice games? Not really. There was a circuit race down there. My original statement was, "I'll go to it if I can find someone to go along," but that changed to "Fine, I'll go by myself!"

2.2 mile circuit, slight elevation gain of maybe 60-80 feet, start at the top. 4s and 5s go together, 4s for money and 5s for trophies - whee! We start. And get to go down the hill first, yippee. There is a slight headwind on the bottom flat, so I am looking for a wheel, kind of drifting along the otherwise single-file line. The line moves over my way, and I have a wheel. Briefly. The former pursuer of the wheel leans on me and says, "go find a wheel and stick with it". Now I should have said something about not being there when wheel-sucking assignments were made (late to the stage again, darn it) or a more Ahnuld-esque "you look weak, so I will now take this one" but I was too surprised. Then I was pissed, so I rode off the front. Not an attack, just a little ride. Went up the hill - people go by. Went down the hill - I get to pull. To the hill again, and there are six people including me, out of the original 15 or 16. Not including the guy who wouldn't let me have a wheel. Two guys attack up the hill. The rest of the race I sit in this chase group with one other 5 who says he won't work because his teammates are in the break up there. The other two 4s don't seem all that interested in chasing either. So I get to pull down the hill, and most of the flat just for fun. I finally sit up the last lap and seriously sit on the other 5's wheel. We go up the hill one more time, one 4 makes a break and gets away. The 5 makes his move after the hill. I go around the other side of the remaining 4 and fairly easily win the sprint. I get a trophy, woo-hoo.

hey, time to go home.

later, hah