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Subject: Re: screaming silence

Ok, you asked for it. I've got some time to kill before my non-cancelled class tonight.

Hmm, haven't been riding lately, though we haven't had much snow in the valleys until just today. I must be a wuss or something. Or I'm training for ...skiing, that's it.

The weekend after Xmas - having not eaten too too much - I hit the slopes of Sun Valley with Peter-from-the-pool and the Idaho Falls ski club (package deal type thing). First time I'd been there. It's a very nice mountain, and the 7 high-speed detachable quads kick butt. You can really wear yourself out because as fast as you ski down, you are back up top again. One lift goes from the base to the top in 10 minutes, over 3000' vertical. Another lift on the easy side of the mountain (still plenty steep) was 5 minutes up, and we made it down in five minutes several times. A vicious circle. My personal high-speed permanently-attached quads were burning at the end of each day, seeing as I didn't set foot in one of the luxurious lodges but once. I was there to ski, not pay $7 for a hot dog in plush surroundings. Snow wasn't that great, but lift lines were nonexistent. Like Moab, I highly recommend it in the off season, if you can get a deal (and the snow is good).

This past weekend, I went over to Teton Village (not literally, no really good faceplants lately) for comparison purposes. There was a swim meet Sunday morning, my first, and another swimmer had some extra capacity in the duplex he was renting for his family. So I put in a full day on the slopes by myself on Saturday - the lines were terrible before and after everybody else went to lunch, about 10 minutes! No high-speed quads, but not as many rocks poking through the snow either. It was kind of crusty on the south faces. And last night they got a foot of powder, waaah.

Sunday morning went to the swim meet and came away with 4 firsts and 1 second place, which is pretty easy if there are only 38 in attendance divided into 2 sexes, 5 age groups, and 15 events. Then put in a half day at the Village, using my "local" button to score a lesson as well. Got to work on those bumps. The instructor was a total ski bum/river guide dude. Waay cool, buuuddy.

Kim and her friend Kathy were there on Sunday, and they were stopping for lunch as I was getting my lift ticket. But I had to ditch them to take the lesson. I would feel bad about that except for the fact that Kim had a date after skiing with Jason, the ex-boyfriend who just won't go away.

So my love life is non-existent, unless you count teasing. Skiing will get better now that we had a decent storm. Biking is going to be on the back burner for a while. Just maybe I'll get out the rollers in a month or so to start training for Beer-Bike. Swimming is going to be on a plateau unless I start getting really serious, but it's about 15 years too late for that. Work still sucks, and I am still pinned here until I finish my masters - always a couple of years away, it seems.

That's what's up with me. Time for class now.

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