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Ok, well, nobody actually crashed at the Brackman Bros. Bagel Bakery 2nd Annual Downtown Salt Lake City Criterium.

I did get a little squirrely when this guy moved out right in front of me, and I was already riding on the bases of the traffic cones. Locked up the back tire and did a little wiggle until he returned to a position in front of me, rather than on top of me.

In my 4/5 field of 27, the cornering skill level didn't seem all that high. About half the guys would brake somewhat for any given corner, and this was a city-block course, four nice 90s. Well, two were a little bumpy.

So I got sick of this braking for corners and took off after two other guys to form a break. Oh, about 20 minutes into the hour - excellent timing. We got up to about 11 seconds, then I started wheezing (though cornering nicely) so I sat up and went to the back of the reunited pack. Where I met up with Tom Baird, my lone teammate in the field. He gave me a glucose tablet to suck on. Said he was "wired" after two of them, but his knee still hurt from his crash in the mountain bike race earlier that day.

Generally hung around in the pack for the rest of the race, trying to stay sort of near the front without ever actually working. Remained frustrated by others braking into corners.

At last, the hour is up and we see 3 laps to go. People start heading by me and I think I am probably screwed. But then the pace really slows going into the last lap. On the very wide back straight, one guy takes off. Another pursues. I think, what the heck, and take off after them. The pack fails to pass me _en mass_, entirely even. I am all alone behind the first two guys, too far back to catch them but quite secure in third place as I haul my butt over the finish line.

Tom said he got boxed in the last lap by a few of the numerous Brackman Bros. Bagel Bakery Bike Boys. What is my duty to him as a teammate in this situation? Make the other team pay by sprinting away and taking third?

We completed 51 laps of the 1/2 mile course in our 1 hour, 25 seconds - must have been some calculations on the part of the officials to arrive at exactly an hour instead of the promised hour + 3 laps. For an average speed of 25 mph.

Then we goofed around until the start of the P/1/2/3 race. A field of 52, quicker through the corners with no shouts of "inside!" "outside!" like the 4/5s. I notice a guy giving the field a head start of about 20 feet from his staging position. He is on a Motorola-colored Eddy, so I cheer for him during the race. Of course I don't know his name, and therefore must cheer, "Go Eddy! Go Eddy!" His leisurely start pays off, as he wins the final sprint. Tom says, "Eddy won!"

Then is starts to rain as I wait for my first winnings. Which turn out to be a coffee cup emblazoned with the event date and my placing, and $30. Enough, it turns out, to cover both my entry fee of $15 and the single tank of gas it takes to drive the 440 miles that day.

Which was quite a surprise, being the first drive in my car since I got it back from the body shop on Friday. It gets better mileage after I wreck it? 10% better? Someone explain this, please.

To offset my successful day Saturday, on Sunday I discover that I need new hubs for my mountain bike. Seems one should rebuild one's hubs and freewheel immediately after a mud bog festival such as the Bordertown Bike Challenge, or they rust in place and don't want to move again. Ever. Which will provide me with an excuse to go to an 8-speed freehub and GripShift. And, surprise surprise, Performance has an aggregate price of $23 less than Colorado Cyclist for my selected component package of f&r XT hubs, cassette, SRT800 shifters, and a couple Michelins for Eddy.

Must order by phone now. Operators are standing by. hah