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What's this? Another message from a.h.s.t.h.u? But there was already a race reportage this week. Must be something big.

Well, it is a size Large. A nude carbon size Large. A nude carbon size Large Trek Y-22 dual suspension mountain bike. Say that three times fast.

It's nude carbon, it's got front suspension, it's got rear suspension, it makes funny sounds when you tap the "frame", it's way too cool. For a full sales job see I haven't got to actually play with it yet, since I just had to get in a roller workout before swimming last night when I picked it up. And tonight I might go for a road ride before the race in Utah tomorrow, which means I might not get to play with it until Sunday.

So, a full report next week. But here are some first impressions: I'm not especially thrilled with the mostly-LX components (XT rear derailleur and freehub) or the Matrix rims. Thinking seriously of swapping in my known-good old wheels which have the same cogs and rear hub anyway. The push-pull shifters might take getting used to, but are very light-action compared to my mighty-tight GripShifts on the Mongoose. The first thing I'm going to do when I get a chance to play with the bike is grind away the "lawyer lips" on the fork so I can have actual quick releases. The front and rear reflectors are already gone, removed by a helpful shop boy. He also put on a stem with less rise and a bit more length than the original one.

Then I get to fiddle with the shocks until the ride is "plush". Duuude.

Things to do later: get a better crank than the LX, preferably non-compact (probably means a new front derailleur too), add rear-lockout device that the Y-33 has. But I'm pretty poor right now, so these can wait. I did get a team deal on the bike, supposedly cost+10%. I was able to buy a CamelBak (where do you put the bottles?) and minipump and get out the door for just over $1900 with 5% sales tax, compared with $2300 MSRP on the price tag. I guess under two grand means it doesn't have to last forever like Eddy is going to.

When I told Dad I was getting a new bike, he didn't even ask how much, just wanted to know what I was going to do with the old Mongoose. "Can I have it, can I can I huh?" I really should make him ride his road bike some more but I'll probably let him ride the 'goose when I'm not taking it to Atlanta for a commuter during the Lympics. Gonna try to take Eddy too, maybe Peter and I can score some nice flat (hot, muggy) races.

later, hah