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So, Saturday. It had been raining (and snowing) all week, as I believe I had bitched about previously. So a nasty mudfest was expected by all. But wonder of wonders, Saturday dawned clear and sunny, and by the race start at 11, most mud was dried. Only a few puddles in the shaded singletrack sections, and I stopped just once to grind mud out of my eyes. Perhaps new eye protection would help - need something that comes closer to my cheeks than Blades, and my Blades are semi-broken anyway. Do M-Frames fit closer than Blades?

But I digress. Once more I carefully chose my starting position at the back of the pack. This time I got to moan to Super Dave before he took off with the Sports, then I was off (being a Clydesdale) with the Beginners. Doing the same 14 mile course this year, with Experts adding a lap of the top for 19 miles. Again climbed by a lot of people on the initial rise, cruised pretty well through the singletrack. On the fire road descent I was very close to passing Cara, who started three minutes ahead of me. Then I dropped my chain and lost her. (Not for the first time.) Eventually did pass her on the next big climb - after all, she has to ride 19 miles. Woo hoo. Finish out the rest of the race, my time is 1:22'.

Sit around the finish for a bit. Super Dave comes in - he started two minutes ahead of me. Cara comes through on her way to do her other half lap. I talk to Dave Weatherston, who finished about third overall for the short course. Walking back up the course to get my jostled water bottle I see Davey Moore finishing up, winning the Expert class.

Then waited five hours for my 2nd-Clydesdale prize, a disposable camera and tube. Woo hoo, everybody was bitching about the wait.

Sunday, decided to indeed go over and do the little race at Teton Village. Big Mistake. A) no Clydesdale class; B) Sports and Experts combined; C) therefore 7x4-mi lap 28-mile course; D) which goes up the mountain to the top of a lift before coming down. Dave Weatherston was there, and once again won his (Vet/Master) class without apparent effort, since he only weighs about 150.

I, however, expended much effort on the claimed 300' rise per lap. 300', my sore aching butt. More like 500'. Then the 30 mph (for me, 40 for the fearless) descents beat me up - could really have used a rear suspension but wouldn't want to carry it up. I walked some on the climb three out of the seven laps, finished DFL in 2:45' after about ten minutes of stopping and panting on the last lap. Flopped down at the finish and panted some more. I have never been that tired after a race - but I recovered fairly quickly so it may have been dehydration too, only two big bottles in over two and a half hours. Dave and Kaylyne fed me some muffins, I gulped some water and then stumbled over to the award ceremony. Where I got a clear plastic rain jacket for my 13th DFL place, and was raffled a Jackson Hole ski pass - easily quadrupling the value of my Kelly Canyon prizes for second.

Then we all stopped off for free beer on the way out of town at the Otto Bros. Brewery, one of the fine sponsors of the race.

later, hah