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There must be some sort of plot against me over there at the Colorado Cyclist. Don't know why they wouldn't want several thousand dollars of my money. But I have neatly circumvented their machinations via the person of Super Dave, who handed me a summer 94 catalog (perhaps not the newest "late summer" one that the CC people promised me, but what can you do) last night after swimming.

So guess what? A Merckx Leader MX, that would be Columbus Max funky-shape tubing, with Dura-Ace STI goes for only $2650, Ultegra only $2180. Forget Klein! I'll just buy about three pairs of old Look/DA pedals for $180 from Trashbar. I will be so set.

Have to call them and ask how long the top tube on a 62 is; the chart only goes up to a 60, which has a 58.3 cm top tube. Kind of short, but might the 62 reasonably have a 60.3 cm top tube? Hmm.

I could even pretty much write a check for an Ultegra Merckx right now, with this week's paycheck. I am rolling in dough. Of course I am still really pissed at those CC guys for never sending me a catalog.

Expect action soon. Oh yes, a new bike will be mine.

later, hah

Subject: full colorations for eddys

This is all from Colorado Cyclist, my only source of Merckx information

Top-o-the-line Leader MX: relaxed Century geometry, Columbus/Merckx Max MXL Nivacrom (woo woo), 56 cm c-c frame&fork weighs 6lbs 3ozs. Colors: Team Motorola (red/_pearl_/blue) or Team Telekom (black/pearl/magenta) Frame&fork: $1421

Middle Century TSX: same relaxed Century geometry, Columbus TSX with internal helical reinforcements, 55 cm c-c frame&fork weighs 6lbs 7ozs. Colors: Team Kelme (midnight blue/pearl/green), Team Motorola (been there, done that), or Midnight Blue. Frame&fork: $1225

Cheapo Corsa Extra SLX: more aggressive Road Racing geometry, Columbus SLX "butted and internally reinforced", 56 cm c-c frame&fork weighs 6lbs 9ozs. Colors: Ferrari red or Team Weinmann (purple/pearl white/hot pink). Frame&fork: $899

Other frames featured: Tommasini Genius (TIG-welded Nivacrom, 56 cm c-t f&f weighs 5lbs even) for $1199, Litespeed Catalyst (TIG-welded straight-gauge 3Al-2.5V Ti, 55 cm c-t frame-only weighs 3lbs 7ozs) for $1075, Litespeed Ultimate (TIG-welded butted 3Al-2.5V Ti, 56 cm c-t frame-only weighs 3lbs 4ozs) for $1999, and Vitus 992 (bonded Al, 55 cm f&f + headset weighs 5lbs 2ozs) for $799.

Anyway, I got rather a raging woody myself this weekend, as I called up Colorado Cyclist to order a Merckx on Saturday. They (actually just my buddy Keith) were quite hospitable when I uttered those magic words, "I want to buy a Merckx and lots of other stuff." I even bitched about never getting a catalog when Keith asked for my customer number. Guess I showed them, buying a bike and all.

So I ordered a 62cm MX Leader in the relaxed Century geometry (look Alan, relaxed Century geometry! - oooh) with Dura-Ace STI, starting at $2651 (less than an Ultegra Merlin; and for some reason CC only has a difference of $500 between Ultegra and DA, not $1000 like most places), then substituted my favorite doodads to bring the total up to $2844 with shipping but sans pedals. The Team Motorola was not in stock but should be available in one-to-two-weeks according to my buddy Keith, who is going to call me today with full details from the CC's Merckx distributor. What a pal. He was also very supportive of my component choices and substitutions: "Sedis ATB chain? I hear you, man" (I said I would not put another DA chain on when the time came to replace); "Can't go wrong with the Open 4s"; "You know, I think you are right, the Dura-Ace seatpost is way too short" (since I am still going to need 5 1/2" sticking out); he also completely understood my lack of interest in a black-spatter Avocet 40 (even though they were going for $30 - Garrick, you might want to call and stock up).

I ended up with (hopefully) all my favorites and some new things to try: Drop-ins, a Salsa stem, Open 4s, 14/15 32 hole wheels, Cinelli cork tape (2 rolls for the Drop-ins), an Avocet 45 (ooh, 0.1 mph resolution, but I didn't spring five bucks for cadence and gear-inch), an American Classic seatpost, no saddle because I am perhaps becoming accustomed to my AirO2, and of course the Team Motorola MX leader. Which will take a week to build on top of the 1-2 weeks wait from the distributor, possibly three weeks. Any bets as to how long it will actually take? And I didn't get the overnight shipping despite Keith's best efforts, so that will be another couple days. But like I said, Keith bud will call me (actually leave a message at home) and give me the real story today. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that the bike will be here before the SpudMan, July 30.

Called Trashbar after getting off the phone with Keith, and the salesperson laughed at me when I asked if there were any of those DA Look pedals left. It appears I was not the only one to notice that particular great deal. So I am stuck getting some other retail-priced pedals, most likely. Sucks to be me. Maybe I will stop in and talk to my buddies at Crossroads bike shop, see if they still want me on their team since I didn't buy a Serotta from them, and inquire about cheap Look pedals. (I know, there is no such thing.)

The Colorado Cyclist Conspiracy strikes again! Remember when I speculated as to the extent of further delays? Well, it wasn't really that much of a surprise (disappointment, yes; surprise, no)...

After I called and had Keith-bud tracked down, he informed me that "the distributor" won't get any 62cm Team Motorolas for at least a month. CC has on hand a 62cm Team Telekom, and the distributor has on hand a 62cm "green with yellow pinstripe", and there are plenty of 60cm Team Motorolas around. I glumly decided to stick with my request for a 62cm Team Motorola which will maybe arrive around about the time it starts snowing here.

Sucks to be me. Hey, maybe I could borrow Lance's bike in about a week. Climb, Lance, climb.