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Hey, Ma-Ne's awake at least. You should have seen the message cc:Mail ate, where I was doing my Butthead impression. Also talked about my teammate Tom spooging over KK and telling her that her autograph in his van window would bring him luck at Mammoth this week. It was hilarious. But you will never know about that, because cc:Mail sucks.

But anyway, you know I can't stand biker babes. Ewww, ick.

Did the Big Hole Challenge on Saturday. Not much of a challenge, if you ask me. The beginner/clydesdale course was about half gravel road, the other half jeep trail. Only sports got to do the singletrack loop, experts did it twice. Peter-from-the-pool showed up on his newly acquired mountain bike, a several-years-old chromoly Trek. He was time-trialing up a storm in the lead paceline (hey, it was a road) on the first road section, then got dropped when the jeep trail started. Then he crashed right in front of the photographer at a stream crossing. Super Dave crashed, right on the same knee he scraped three days before. Several other people crashed. But not me. I continued my mastery of the Clydesdale class, winning it and was actually second finisher for the beginner course length. I got some Smith Moab sportshields w/2 extra lenses for my accomplishment, which Super Dave kindly picked up for me at the 3-hour mucking-around-and-awards "party".

For I had gone back to town, to look at that Trialist again. I happened to mention I was thinking of getting it while sitting around with a bunch of clubmates after the race, and one guy said, "hey, that's mine, I'll cut you a deal and even throw in a tire". So the wheel is down to $180, he's gluing on a tire for like $35, and will even sell me his straight block freewheel after I borrow it to use this weekend at the Utah District 40k. We went down to the shop and tried the wheel on Eddy. First try - this wheel is dished wrong. Take apart the axle, just to look at it and see what can be done. Throw it back together, eyeball the axle, very close to centered. Put my old freewheel (twist-tooth DA collector's item with broken tooth on the 19t) on and it shifts just as well as my normal wheel. Got to watch that last click, though. Mike will have the tire glued by tomorrow or Friday, which will be around the time I will be able to pay for it.