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See if you can guess the difference...

Ok, I'll tell. No race to report on this weekend, just a little ride around the block.

Of course, the block in this case happens to be 106 miles around.

Here's the story. We (four others and me) started from Swan Valley at 7:20am Saturday. The temperature as reported by a participant's thermo-watch was 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It was damn cold. But hey, it must have been warmer than that Blackfoot ride where my bottles actually froze while riding - no worries there. Climbed Pine Creek Pass, went down the other side into Victor. Still damn cold. Started up Teton Pass, which did warm us all up a bit. On a 10% grade, there's a fine line between max effort in one's 39x21 and just falling over. After a couple miles, anyway. Came flying down the other side into Wilson - my max was 55 mph. I highly recommend it.

Then we rode along into Jackson and camped at a convenience store for 20 minutes or so. Did not see President Bubba, though rangers were directing traffic at the road to Teton Village. Continued down the Snake River Valley to Alpine, being brushed by the many motor homes in a hurry to get around them damn bikers.

From Alpine the highway serenely wanders along the shore of Palisades Reservoir, and we were more serene now that there were fewer RVs. Also dropped two of the party as the lone Cat 3 just moseyed up the rolling hills. I was feeling a little full from my snack, and had about all I could do to hang on. Past the dam I was feeling better, and started taking pulls as we entered the home stretch of 20 miles to go.

Finished up in 5:08, at around 1:30pm. 106.44 miles, so we were well under 5 hours for 100 miles. And I would have certainly pulled harder in the morning had it not been three degrees above freezing.

So a good time was had by all, with some nice training miles for Lo-to-Ja and/or Districts this coming weekend. Woo hoo.

Saw President Bubba's 747 parked at the IF airport on the way home last night, but he was already gone by the time we drove by on the way to work this morning.

This weekend, stay tuned as I attempt to better my 40k time and then not get dropped on the hills at Districts.

later, hah